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Trains, Planes and now...Automobiles

Trains, Planes and Now...Automobiles Since the Jaguar E-type came to fruition in 1961, it has regularly topped lists compiled by designers and car enthusiasts alike as an extraordinary object of desire. Innovative and streamlined, with its immensely long bonnet, aluminium body and monocoque - The jaguar E-Type was a trailblazing automobile that set a precedent for motorsporting design for years to come. Famously depicted as the ‘the most beautiful car in the world’ by Enzo Ferrari, the original Coupe and Roadster models are a clear symbolism of the glamour and excitement of the swinging 60s, with racing drivers and celebrities eager for their own slice of breathtakingly beautiful British engineering. Indeed, the E-type is amongst Britain’s most celebrated cars - and with good reason. When 70mph was rapid for the average family runabout, this car could reach a staggering 150mph. With its 3.8-litre straight-six engine sourced from the XK, and a new independent rear suspension design th…
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The English Electric Lightning: Cufflink Edition

The English Electric Lightning: Cufflink Edition Introducing “The English Electric Lightning”, which carries the distinction of being the only all British supersonic fighter to have served with the Royal Air Force. Primarily designed as a rapid interceptor against the threat of enemy bombers during the Cold War, powered by twin Rolls Royce Avon turbojet engines, this aircraft still holds one of the fastest climb to altitude rates of any military aircraft - with an initial climb rate of 50,000 ft per minute. This type first flew on 4th August 1954 and went into service with the RAF in 1959.
While it may no longer be an object of the skies, at ICarus, we pride ourselves on blending the very latest technical innovations with the highest quality British craftsmanship in order to create a superb selection of unique, bespoke, premium products. Hence our need to recreate this magnificent aircraft into a beautifully and carefully designed pair of cufflinks! The sheer time and integrity it ta…

The Vulcan XH558 of the Skies

Production Process for the Vulcan XH558 The Vulcan XH558, an iconic example of British aerospace engineering at its world-beating best and a design that made British aviation technology the envy of the world. Indeed, the Vulcan bomber was one of the most innovative British aircraft of the Cold War period, armed with nuclear weapons and capable of conventional bombing. The Avro Vulcan XH558 was the very last of the 136 Vulcans built to take air, operated by the Vulcan of the Sky trust and flown by a decade long-quest of a dedicated team of volunteers and RAF-trained engineers. Returning one of these four-engined bombers to the skies was one of the most complex aircraft preservation projects undertaken anywhere in the world, involving years of fundraising, logistical nightmares and many thousands of man hours of meticulous work.
XH558 now resides in Doncaster, where the public are able to visit and be inspired by the aircraft that was at the very edge of aviation technology of the time…

5 Occasions To Wear Cufflinks

5 Occasions To Wear CufflinksCufflinks are the best accessory for a wide array of occasions. They inject some personality into any outfit you decide to wear, whether it’s attire for a wedding, a corporate meeting or a night out on the town, Cufflinks can spruce up the blandest of outfits for a clean-cut and stylish finish. And, with a variety of cufflink materials and distinctive designs, we have a pair to suit every occasion. From commemorative pieces to polished profiles, timeless classics and quality craftsmanship, our bespoke, hand-made cufflinks are the ideal accessory to store in your wardrobe for years to come. Here is a list of the occasions where you can finesse your attire with some custom-made cufflinks.
Cufflinks for a WeddingCufflinks are a staple wedding accessory. Whether you are attending the event as a guest, presenting a gift or even getting married yourself, a

The Benefits of Buying Bespoke Plane Jewellery

The Benefits of Buying Bespoke Plane Jewellery Why Should I Buy Bespoke Plane Jewellery? Bespoke Plane jewellery is the perfect amalgamation of masterful dexterity, unique design and individual expression. ‘Bespoke' enables buyers to convey deep personal messages through a singular piece of jewellery, a factor that cannot be matched by mass-produced adornments. Our clients that purchase our products hold jewellery close to their hearts. Whether they are influenced by the quality, sentimentality or value for money - Bespoke triumphs fast-fashion for their accessories. Our cufflinks meet their wants and style while still providing the satisfaction that spans a lifetime. So to help you get the best from your future jewellery purchases, below are 4 benefits of purchasing custom-made bespoke cufflinks.

1) Sentimental Plane Jewellery